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WAZA, an independent Mozambican think-and-do tank

  • WAZA is an independent Mozambican think-and-do tank, incorporated by citizens who share its values, commitment and drive to contribute towards the public interest of Mozambique, the welfare of its people and the support of its business environment.

WAZA, a platform of professionals anchored in Mozambique

  • Cognizant of the day-to-day reality of Mozambique, the members of WAZA are committed to providing efficient, insightful, and independent analysis and solutions in all areas of economic activity, socio-economic empowerment and support and strengthening of its institutions.
  • Our team aims to establish and develop WAZA as a platform that can draw on the ideas, research and experience from the Mozambican civil society, public and private sectors, academia and international organizations established in the country, notably from elders, local scholars, businessmen, and liberal professionals.
  • WAZA aspires to build and streamline that world of knowledge, wisdom and vision towards the influence and adoption of a realistic, beneficial and impactful measures by public policy-makers and the promotion of the appropriate long-term development strategies for the country.
  • In the fulfillment of its purpose, WAZA and its members shall seek at all times to be transparent, cost-effective and conflict-free while fostering local content, sustainable development and the respect of the environment, culture and values of Mozambique.

WAZA, a xitique of Ideas

  • WAZA and its members shall undertake, promote or commission, among others, the following activities:
  1. conception and implementation of WAZA projects;
  2. policy research and analysis;
  3. prepare, revise and/or recommend development strategies;
  4. data compilation;
  5. conduct peer reviews; and
  6. disseminate and discuss existing research papers and publications.
  • WAZA ‘s approach is based on the open and continuous xitique of ideas as the means to nurture the awareness and development of its network and initiatives and those of other individuals and organizations who share its values and agree with its mission statement.
  • The activities and initiatives of WAZA shall be financed by the work and funds of its members, donations from third-parties and/or project-dedicated funding.
  • WAZA is incorporated as a not-for-profit limited liability company, currently held by its founding members, with its share capital open to the subscription and payment of shareholdings by individuals and organizations who share its values and adhere to its mission statement.

Please download Waza’s profile here: Waza Profile Sep 2016