Xitique experiences

A Xitique Experience: Turning visionary ideas into grounded projects

Waza aspires to contribute to the creation, discussion, diffusion and elevation of ideas. On a regular basis, Waza team invites different counterparts of Mozambican society to engage with publications issues by Waza team or guests, to debate over recent public policy change, or to brainstorm on new project developments, throughout Mozambique. These cooperative experiences are derived from the widespread practice of Xitique in Mozambique. They can take the form of breakfasts discussions, roundtables, or conferences.

Please contact Waza team should you need further information on these Xitique experience.


Past events

Hub for thoughts

Urban Mobility in Maputo - Thinking greater

On November 30th 2016, MAPAS de CHAPAS organised a business breakfast 30 Novembre 2016 with the support of WAZA team. Issues related to the planification of collective transportation in the Great Maputo, the coordination with …

Logistics and Inovation: a Road Map for Mozambique

This hub for thoughts built  on the conclusions of the first discussion around logistics as a key driver for development. Waza team and guests engaged together on the challenges faced by the shipping of goods and …

Upcoming events

Hub for thoughts

Business Breakfasts in March - Water and Affordable Housing

WAZA is about to publish their next papers in the coming weeks, and will discuss them with decision makers, operators and analysts over business breakfasts. The first WAZA paper on water will focus on the… Read More