Who we are


The members of WAZA are Mozambicans and foreigners based in the country who possess the passion to improve its living, working and business conditions and the understanding that the establishment of an open, multicultural, and principle-based network of individuals and organizations may serve as a suitable engine to encourage and implement reforms of public interest in the country.

Alfonso Cabrillo

Civil Engineer, Executive Director at WAZA

André C. José

Lawyer, Public administration and Land management expert

Mário Forjaz Secca

Clinical Engineer and Medical Physicist, Professor at ISCTEM

Claire Hassoun

Infrastructure engineer, Logistics expert, Executive Director at WAZA

Joao Jorge

Mechanical Engineer, Civil Aviation expert

Joaquin Romero de T.

Anthropologist & Urban mobility expert, GoteoMoz Consultoria

Idelson Mindo

Junion GIS expert

Taciana Peão Lopes

Legal Expert, Specialized in Energy, Natural Resources management and Infrastructure

Mauro Pinto


Francisco S. Santos

Lawyer, Partner at Adwision