Logistica e Inovaçao em Mozambique

This hub for thoughts built  on the conclusions of the first discussion around logistics as a key driver for development. Waza team and guests engaged together on the challenges faced by the shipping of goods and commodities witin Mozambique, from climatic events and the safety issues resulting from political situations. Waza team and group discussed the following topic 

  • How does it impact your jobs today, what is the impact of this specific context on the Development of Mozambique?
  • Building on the vision that we’ve started to craft together for Mozambique 2035, how can we think creatively about mobility when usual routes are not transitable? While the Minister of Transport and Communication Mr. Mesquita
    advocates for the urgent introduction of cabotage, competition is introduced in the air transportation sector for domestic routes, and the logistics company Maersk just made the first official drone delivery to an undocked ship. How can we think creatively and innovatively of solutions to move people and goods in Mozambique?

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