Sustainable Development Goals – How can they be relevant to Mozambique and where is the country at today?

To allow Waza team and guests engaging with the pressing issue of climate change impact in Mozambique, and the country resilience strategy., Waza invited  Dr. Andrea Downing, Research Scientist at Stockholm Resilience Center, who was completing her mission in Mozambique after a one-year research on sustainable development goals. Andrea presented the Sustainable Development Goals designed by the United Nations to replace the Millenium Development Goals (which had set up targets from 2000 to 2015). She offered present the SDGs and their objectives through a resilience and socio-ecological systems lens, and offer her perspective on their effective use.

After a short presentation, Waza group discussed the relevance of these indicators for the specific case of Mozambique. Building on previous hub for thoughts on infrastructure and logistics, Waza group discussed the use of these indicators at a local, regional and national scale, and the impact of these measurements on environmental, social and economic strategies in Mozambique.

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