Logistics – A driver for the development of Mozambique

Waza’s first  hub thoughts took place in the framework of the research project focusing on the potential of Mozambique to become a world-class logistics hubs by 2035, led a by a Senior Harvard and MIT fellow, Mr. Issa Baluch, and Waza team. The research is driven by two major assumptions. Firstly, the transportation network in Mozambique has been and continues to be a binding constraint to more rapid economic growth and social development. Secondly, the logistics sector can become a key driver for Mozambique’s development, seen as a further development of transportation networks, where added value is created along the supply and distribution chains.

Taking advantage of Mozambique’s greatest assets -­‐ location, existing transport infrastructure, competitive cheap labor markets -­Mozambique’s ports and airports can provide logistics services which will support new industries and create added value and drive more rapid transformation of the country, if supported not only through financial investments, but even more importantly, by better public policies that promote more efficient and sustainable use of the infrastructure, and innovation. The research is investigating the main reasons currently preventing Mozambique from taking this path. This entails soliciting the ideas of a large variety of public and private sector stakeholders.

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